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Installing Ubuntu Alternate 10.04 from a USB-drive

If you want an encrypted system drive drive with Ubuntu, then you need to use the alternate install image provided by Canonical. However, a month ago when I tried to do a USB install, I ran into an error. The installer complained that it couldn’t find the CD-rom. Hilarious.

I reported it as a bug and now someone called brabax @ has provided me with a workaround. Kudos.

After several tries I just found the following solution for Kubuntu Alternate installation, which should work for Ubuntu as well:

– Mount your USB drive
– Install and start UNetbootin
– Select Distribution “Kubuntu”
– Select a “HdMedia” subcategory entry, I used “10.04_HdMedia_x86”
– Select your USB drive
– OK
– Copy “kubuntu-10.04-alternate-amd64.iso” to root folder of the usb drive
– USB drive is ready for installation (without problems during installation of a missing CD-ROM drive)

Replace Kubuntu with Ubuntu if you so need.