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500 most common passwords wordlist


Download wordlist here.

I’ve read today that someone did an analysis on the leaked phpbb passwords. Quite old news, but interesting nonetheless. It would be fun to do a similar analysis on leaked Swedish sites passwords and then do a write up about the results. Maybe someone already have done it though.

Also, discovered two quite nice websites today:

Be sure to check em’ out.

— wh1sk3yj4ck


swedish wordlist/dictionary for security auditing

I scoured the net for a good Swedish wordlist and found all to be inadequate. Hence, I’ve created a script that formatted Göran Andersson’s “Den stora svenska ordlistan” so it could be used for security auditing. I’m now posting the output from that script here. The result 400 549 swedish words (974.9 KB compressed). The list is free from duplicates and has been sorted alphabetically.

Note: All name starts with a capital letter.
Note #2: Implicitly understood is that you have to modify the wordlist for your own needs.

Download the wordlist here.

Mirror #1

Said script might be released later, it’s not 100% complete (some entries was not formatted correctly and so needed manual intervention to correct).