New Honeynet Challange and

Quick post today. There’s a new Honeynet challange up. Be sure to check it out. I will certainly try it out, I think there’s a lot to learn from just trying.

Also, I’d like to recommend It’s a good site containing free security videos. There’s videos on password cracking, Metasploit etc… I’ve learned a lot thanks to this website.

Also, I’ve got two security related books to read. Virtual Honeypots as well as The Rootkit Arsenal. Not sure my programming skills are ready for the latter. I’ll be studying C++ and Linux as a development platform in addition to my ordinary networking courses (CCNP Switch and Network surveillance). I think I need to learn assembly as well, haven’t found a good course for this yet though.

Take care!

— wh1sk3yj4ck

  1. Råkade stöta på din blogg.

    Rätt så säkerhetsintresserad av att döma från dina posts. Vill bara tipsa om:

    Perfekt sätt att hålla sig up to date inom säkerhetsvärlden.

      • wh1sk3yj4ck
      • November 5th, 2010

      Allright. Bokmärker. Tack. 🙂

      • Det går nog att subscriba i Google Reader eller någon annan RSS läsare för enklast konsumtion

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