2nd year of school begins

Today I had the first lesson in Advanced Routing and Switching, it’s based upon the new CCNP ROUTE 642-902. The course litterature is a ~1k pages monster.

Parallelly with that I will be studying Computer Administration and an introductory course for C programming. There’s no course litterature in the former course but the latter course has +1k pages course litterature. Seems like all my spare time is going to disappear.

Additionally, it seems like I will need to get some kind of extra job in order to survive. I’m thinking I might offer my very basic penetration testing skills to the local companies for a cheap price. I’ll let you know how it goes. It would be really neat if some accepted this offer, it would mean that I would learn relevant stuff while gaining some cash.

I’m currently decrypting my system drive so that I can install a secondary OS and then dual boot. I would remove Windows completely and just run Linux but you never know when you might need to get your hands dirty. Found an awesome guide for encrypting both OS installments on a dual boot system.

I’ve been looking at OSSTMM (Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual). It seems that in order to get the latest version, you need to pay up either $99 or $299. I will ask the campus library if they would like to fund this for me and other students. Would be really cool!

When I came up to my apartment in Skellefteå, Sweden, I was horrified. My broadband connection was not working. They’re digging outside my apartment, they’re going to implement geothermal heating (whoa, new word learned). Anyways, I’m fearing the worst.

All in all, looks like an interesting period ahead. Take care.

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