simple password generator script

Wrote a small script in Python for generating passwords of various lengths. There’s plenty of password generators out there, it’s just that I saw it to be a good exercise to learn some Python. Will add a GUI and an option to choose from different charsets later on.

The script will let you choose the length of the password as well as how many passwords you want generated. The charset used is a mix of specialized characters/digits/upper and lower letters.

Usually I visit a website that generates the password for me. Alas, I’ve been quite paranoid (thank SSLstrip and ettercap for this) of late and so I thought I’d better generate my passwords locally instead.

Download script here.

I would like to publish the code right here on the blog, but wordpress doesn’t include a syntax highlighting feature and so code doesn’t display well. There’s plugins for this but for me to use them I need to host the server myself.

I’m going to add a GUI to this as well as adding more options for customizing the generation of passwords. Like, which charsets to use. 🙂

  1. Thanks for sharing. I will bookmark your website.

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